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What Is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio, which is also commonly known as "Ham Radio", is a hobby of constructing, experimenting and communicating enjoyed by thousands of people all around the globe. Before allowed to operate amateur radio equipment, hams need to be licensed. In Malaysia, hams are licensed by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission and once licensed, an amateur can operate their own radio equipment from there home, from there vehicle or just about anywhere within Malaysia.

A number of radio frequencies have been set aside for Amateur Radio use. On these frequencies a ham can talk across town or around the world. The scope and possibilities are endless-from sending TV pictures to operating through Amateur Radio satellites.

Integration between computer and amateur radio has also been increasing this days. For example,  a transmission mode called Slow Scan Television (SSTV) is a mode allowing the transmission and exchange of color images to other amateurs around the globe, while another transmission mode called Radio Teletype (RTTY) is another mode which allows amateurs to have a contact in text form.

Who can be Hams?

Just about anyone can become a ham. Some famous people such as Kings and Prime Ministers are hams, but most are just people from all walks of life who like communicating. Young people find Amateur Radio a great training ground while older people find "hamming" an absorbing retirement hobby.

In fact, Amateur Radio is more than just a hobby. It is also a service. Hams provide their equipment and operating skills whenever the need arises such as for Civil Defense emergencies and Search and Rescue operations.

How do I become a Ham?

For a license you are required to obtain a pass in a test on radio theory (which is quite easy), a pass in understanding Radio Regulation and a Morse code sending and receiving test at twelve words per minute.

In 1997, Malaysia had introduced the B-License. If you have all requirements except Morse, you may work under this category. It privileges you to work 28.0 MHz - 29.7 MHz, 50 MHz - 54 MHz, 144 MHz - 148 MHz and 430 MHz - 440 MHz all mode only.

Where do I get more information?

The Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society is a non-profit association of Amateur Radio Operations. For more information on Amateur Radio and details of licensing, contact:

The Hon Secretary,

Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society,
PO Box 10777
50724 Kuala Lumpur

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